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Mon Ami partners with Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council

elderly man wearing a face mask
Eagle Rock is a neighborhood of Los Angeles whose "Neighborhood Council" has led efforts to support its homebound seniors during COVID-19.  Eagle Rock is building on its existing efforts to meet the needs of local senior citizens — for meals,  grocery deliveries, social services, companionship and other essentials.  

Local volunteers are calling Eagle Rock seniors (65 years and older), identifying any non-emergency needs, such as a need for meals, and then following up with help. 

The volunteer phone bank has been established using Mon Ami, a digital volunteer-to-senior match program deployed by nonprofits and local governments to connect seniors who need help with people and organizations who have help to offer. Mon Ami, currently in use in L.A.’s Council District 4 and in the City of San Francisco, is a linchpin technology, helping to organize, schedule and facilitate effective individual outreach.

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volunteers delivering food to seniors