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Fun ideas for seniors to stay active and engaged
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Hosting a virtual chair yoga class is a great way to engage seniors from their homes 
By: Mon Ami
December 7, 2020
Senior service nonprofits and organizations may find unique benefits to virtual programming for seniors.  This article provides just a few ideas for virtual events and programs you can host remotely to increase social engagement among participants. ...
seniors in an online event
By: Mon Ami
April 1, 2020
Now more than ever, it’s important to connect with one another and be a source of hope and kindness to our friends, family, and neighbors. That’s why Mon Ami will be hosting free virtual group visits and activities for seniors during the duration of this crisis. We’ll be offering concerts, reading groups, exercise, and art sessions by video or phone....
Woman on phone
By: Mon Ami
December 20, 2019
As our seniors become more socially isolated due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mon Ami’s mission to reduce social isolation among seniors is more important than ever. In light of that, we wanted to share some ideas for how you can keep visiting and supporting your seniors if you’re not able to do so in person....
Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset
By: Cristin Coffey, Mon Ami companion
October 10, 2019
Happy Fall Equinox! Considered a favorite time of year for many, fall brings cooler weather, holidays, changing leaves, and back to school. There are so many events that happen during fall in the bay area to celebrate various things. Although, many festivities people believe to be for certain age groups, our list provides intergenerational activities you can do as a grandparent, grandchild, or companion!...
Grandparent and Grandaughter
By: Cristin Coffey, Mon Ami companion
September 12, 2019
Aging comes with unfortunate isolation and disconnection, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 27 questions to ask your grandparent(s) to have them feel engaged and for you to get to know them better. You won’t regret forming a stronger connection....
A graduate and her grandparents
By: Cristin Coffey, Mon Ami companion
September 2, 2019
Grandparents are some of the most special people in our lives. Personally, I love hearing about the memories my mom has about her beloved grandfather. She would tell me that he was the best person she has ever known. Fortunately, I got pretty lucky myself and got blessed with a wonderful grandmother. To show how much we appreciate our grandparents I put together the 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Grandparents on Grandparents Day!...
child and senior bonding
By: Mon Ami
August 22, 2019
The seniors in our life inspire us. As kids and grandkids, we know from our own experience. But sometimes, it can be difficult to keep them engaged with activities that they can enjoy. Here’s a list of 10 activities for seniors based on our memories with our grandparents....
a fountain pen being used to write
By: Mon Ami
August 20, 2019
 Everyone has a story to tell, but the truth about writing a memoir is that most never get around to it. For every Angela’s Ashes, thousands of other projects are relegated to the back burner and even more ideas never touched the page at all....
Ladybug and flower paintings
By: Cristin Coffey, Mon Ami companion
August 14, 2019
Hi there! This is part of my “Wine & Paint” series where I show you easy paintings you can do as a senior or as a companion to a senior.  This is a great activity to try with grandparents and grandchildren.  You don’t need any art or painting experience, which makes this activity so fun and accessible....
Cristin painting with her grandmother
By: Cristin Coffey, Mon Ami companion
August 5, 2019
Hi there! Wanting to find an interactive activity to do with a grandparent or senior in your life? Painting is a wonderful choice for a relaxing, yet mindful and engaging activity that anybody can do. You don’t need any experience with painting or art to do these easy step-by-step acrylic artworks. Make it extra fun by throwing in some wine and call it a “Wine & Paint!”...
seniors playing chess
By: Mon Ami
July 3, 2019
Games that engage senior minds can help maintain cognitive abilities and slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The benefits of play often make a noticeable difference in a short period of time. Games are also a great way to connect and share, which is vital for those suffering from the effects of social isolation, which is a problem all too common among older adults....